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  1. Huesin Moderator 10h 59m ago

    Quote by HatedAngelwell when a mama and a papa love each other very much...

    I already know about that stuff xD
    Are you a bee or something? :P And who's the papa by the way? x.x

  2. Huesin Moderator 11h 5m ago

    Quote by HatedAngelHe's my son don't be jelly -3-
    Not all of them are worst than death. Some nonlethals keep em out of trouble while others teach em a lesson.

    Wut, your son?! How's that even possible x.x

  3. Huesin Moderator 11h 9m ago

    Quote by HatedAngelHonestly I'll perposely lose to him if it comes to that coz das ma boi.
    I do know tho since its dishonored that there's going to be a non lethal ending... I'm mostly afraid tho of what that is coz some non lethal take downs are worst than actual death.

    Death or living the rest of your life on a secluded island with a creepy dude that feels entitled to you

    Death or getting your tongue carved out and forced to slave away in a mine

    Death or being thrown in prison as your body double takes over your life

    pls dont make me hurt ma boi ;o;

    Ehh but If you lose, you'll have to start the game all over again-3-

    So.. a non lethal ending that's worse than death, sounds awful xPThe first example reminds me of that stupid passengers movie, it was real crap D: aghhh!

    yo boi huh.. suddenly I feel the urge to hurt him a bit -3-

  4. Huesin Moderator 11h 30m ago

    Quote by HatedAngelWait what?! Is he gonna get killed? Why D:

    I'm not sure how much sense this trailer will make to a non dishonored fan (I'm assuming it will make atleast a little sense) so here this trailer explains it.. a little...

    My attempt to explain it:
    SOme butthurt old assassin is blaming the outsider on his problems and allt he problems of the world even though he did nothign wrong so now he and his protege are gon set out to kill ma boi

    What the hell, that's the worst reason to get rid of yo boi xwx
    After watching the trailer, I think those guys are gonna get their asses kicked by the Outsider :S

  5. Huesin Moderator 11h 43m ago

    Quote by HatedAngelye all I changed was the avatar. Not sure if its an improvement or not tho.
    This may or may not have been inspired by an upcoming DLC where he can be killed ;o;

    Well I think it is.

    Wait what?! Is he gonna get killed? Why D:

  6. Huesin Moderator 11h 57m ago

    Quote by HatedAngel NVM I'm back to my outsider theme >:D you're no longer special

    It's ok, I still am the one and only reaper here ;o;

    Btw your layout looks awsum as always :3

  7. Steffi1690 Moderator 3wk 3d ago

    Just have to say that I really like your actual layout! :)

  8. Tupper 3wk 5d ago

    its been so long that now everyone i used to talk to here is now a moderator xD

  9. Huesin Moderator 3wk 6d ago

    Quote by HatedAngelGo ahead :p I'll make him fight my OC if I ever make one :PPPP

    Do ett! Your OC is already dead, mwahaha :P

  10. Huesin Moderator 3wk 6d ago

    Quote by HatedAngelNo it doesn't D:< It doesn't even fit his powers!

    It doesn't need to fit his powers -3-
    I'm gonna make a Boku no Hero OC and call him Carpetburn, you'll see :P

  11. Huesin Moderator 3wk 6d ago

    Quote by HatedAngelA COOL ONE IS WHAT >:O HECK YOU

    Then Carpetburn sounds like a cool name too :P

  12. Huesin Moderator 3wk 6d ago

    Quote by HatedAngelI think its a bit to early really to decide that hes boring or not (from an anime standpoint not manga) I mainly just really like his design. I am mad tho that his super hero name isn't Freezerburn, like not even joking... I'm irrationally angry about that

    From a character point of view, he needs more development. That's just my opinion tho x3x

    Freezerburn lol, what kind of super hero name is that xD

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